2017 Work Shares

It’s February, and the snow is still piling up in the gardens, but we are already planning our summer farm season! As you may have heard, we accomplish our farm tasks with the assistance of farm work shares. As a small organic farm with numerous tasks to be accomplished by hand, we rely on a dedicated group of people to help with the daily garden tasks. A work share commits to working 1 morning a week for the farm, and in return gets a share of vegetables and herbs, and occasionally even flowers.

There are many incalculable rewards in accomplishing the various tasks of a morning—good camraderie and meeting new folks, learning about gardening techniques from planting through harvesting, becoming more educated on what good food is and tastes like, spending time outdoors in an awesome part of Teton Valley, getting stronger… There’s something about getting into the rhythm of a place and task that leads to immense satisfaction.

We invite you to become a part of our farm community. We need both regular work shares who can dedicate 1 morning a week for the season of May 22 through September, and also substitute work shares who could fill in occasionally. Please check out our work share info & application for more info. Give Sue Miller, the farm manager, a call [(307)-413-9115], or send an email if you have any questions.