Seeding Vegetable & Flower Starts

Veggie Starts 5:1:2014
Tomato & Eggplant Starts 5/1/14

Given the wacky warm weather of late, it’s easy to start thinking of spring and planting! We’ve been seeding a few early onion starts in the greenhouse this past week. We will slowly begin planting more seeds, but as we need to remind ourselves, many things only need to be seeded a month before transplanting in the garden. Starts kept in pots too long become spindly and unhealthy, and if transplanted out too early can risk poor growth or death by frost. We usually don’t plant too many annuals outside until about mid-May, and then keep those well covered until it decides to be warm for good.

Leek Seeds planted
Leek seeds planted

If you have the time to grow a few transplants from seed this spring, I came across a good read. This blog post by Margaret Roach on A Way to Garden is very helpful and well thought out, and will help you seed and grow your starts right the first time.

For those of you who’d rather skip this stage and just buy starts ready for the garden, we are having a plant sale in late May/early June! Stay tuned . . . we’ll have vegetables from Broccoli to Zucchini, along with our heirloom and regular tomato collection!