2014 Accomplishments at the Farm

2014 Greens Harvesting Snowdrift Farms is all wrapped up for the season. The last garden has been fertilized and cultivated, the garlic has been planted for next year, and the last Brussel Sprouts have been harvested. It’s time to reflect on some of our accomplishments and adventures of the year.

In the gardens this season, the Snowdrift Farms crew:

-Transplanted 420 Broccoli seedlings into the gardens.

-Hoed and weeded 840 feet of Lettuce Mix rows.

-Harvested an average of 49 pounds per week of Salad Mix(!)

-Watched a pocket gopher’s rampage of eating 12 cauliflower/broccoli plants in one night. (He got trapped)

-Harvested a total of 190 pounds of Braising Mix, and over 200 pounds of Kale.

-Picked, washed, and bunched 450 bunches of radishes for markets.

-Pulled 30,421 Canada thistles. (just an estimate. . .)

-Spent countless hours washing carrots.

-Worked together, ate some good lunches with our garden harvests, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Phew! This couldn’t have been done without the help of our workers, workshares, substitutes, volunteers, and guests who tirelessly showed up and put out. Thank You!!

2014 Market Radishes & BouquetsAt the farmers markets in Driggs and Jackson this year, we:

-Sold 5,418 bags of Lettuce Mix. . . and a similar quantity of Spring Mix.

-Brought 143 pounds of Pickling Cucumbers to market, a new record! We’ll plan even more next year.

-Managed to wake up on Saturday mornings at 5 (or before), load and drive over Teton Pass, all while having ZERO breakdowns or mechanical problems for the first time ever!

-Sold 243 pints of ever popular and tasty Cherry Tomatoes.

-Enjoyed bringing some great herbs, including a new one, Chervil, and flowers to market!

All this was clearly not possible without our customers and farm friends. Thank you for showing up, rain or shine, to lend us your enthusiastic support and enjoy our fresh organic veggies!