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Jackson Square Farmers MarketOur Friends of the Farm program is a great way to afford more farm food! We will not have a CSA, instead the Friends of the Farm program gives you a discount off our market prices while allowing you to purchase exactly what you want when you want it.  Our Friends of the Farm program gives you a preseason price break on our food for the purchase of a $100 voucher, you receive $115 worth of veggies from either of our markets, anytime during the farmers market season.  It’s a win-win situation: you can buy what you want, when you want it, at a 13% discount, and you are supporting our farm in the early season when our expenses are highest and income is lowest.

You can cash in your vouchers at Teton Valley Farmers Market on Fridays and the Jackson Market on the Square on Saturdays this year (but not the People’s Market). You can buy as many vouchers as you can use, but you must sign up no later than June 1!  Come by our booth at Locavores’ Night Out on May 16th for an easy way to sign up or check out our Friends of the Farm information/sign up sheet.

Chamonix Farmers Market

Winter season veggies such as endive were plentiful
Winter season veggies such as endive were plentiful

Georgie, Greg, and Sue were lucky enough to visit & ski in the Alps in late March. We stopped by the Chamonix, France Farmers Market on a rainy day–it was bustling with activity. Seasonal vegetables included Endive, Salsify roots, and leeks.

In addition to the beautiful vegetable and fruit displays, we were interested in the booths that offered varieties of olives & flavorful walnuts, sausage and meat stalls, and booths piled high with tommes (rounds) of cow, goat and sheep fromages (cheeses).

Olive Table, Chamonix
All the different varieties of olives to sample!







We sampled the regional cheeses throughout the trip: Beaufort and Comte were excellent hard cow cheeses, and Reblochon was a softer cheese, strong and delicious in a baked potato dish called Tartiflette.