Farm Work Share positions

Melanie & Liz working with Shannon on weeding lettuces
Melanie, Liz, & Shannon weeding lettuces

Snowdrift Farms has a few openings for new work shares this year. We are looking for a couple of  intrepid souls to commit to a season long, weekly work stint in return for a weekly share of fresh vegetables. You will sweat, laugh, toil, meet interesting people, and see & eat lots of different vegetables and herbs, all culminating in immense satisfaction! Please read the attached Workshare Description for more details.

We need substitute work shares too, who can replace our regulars now and then for a morning of garden labor. Being a substitute is ideal for those with busy schedules but still want to experience digging in the dirt!

In addition, we’d like to find a few folks who can help out for the two month block of July and August, when things are really cranking and we could use a few extra hands.

Just send us an email via the “Contact Us” page. Please include the following information: availability,  a short note about your reasons for wanting to become a work share, and any prior experience gardening.

We will contact you after we hear back from all of last year’s crew. Thank you!

Organic Certification

We’re excited to report that the farm bill has been passed in the House and Senate, and was signed into law by President Obama on Friday. The good news for small organic farms like ours, is that funding for organic certification cost share is reinstated in all 50 states. The action helps make organic certification more affordable for everyone, and will  help our budget considerably.

Snowdrift Farms has been organically certified by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture since 2009. Last year we had to suck up the full sticker price for organic certification–which was a real hit,, as it’s a major expense for a small farm.